W.O.S.A - Women of Sovereign Authority

A Int'l Support Network for all Women. (M.O.S.A In Action, K.O.S.A Included)

 "We are a Company of Women under God's Sovereign Authority." 

Women of Sovereign Authority” (WOSA) is a global network company of women networking and supporting one another crossing over boundary denominational lines with the issue and challenges of life through mentorship, events, teaching, activations, speakers, biblical counseling and so much more.

We are a company of women under Authority to blow the trumpet in Zion to declare the favor of our God and to walk in the authority of His might. We stand and declare the word of the Lord in love to every woman in the nation.

We stand on the uncompromised inspired word of the living God.

We are armed 

 with the Power

 of the Spirit

 of the Living God

Ambassadors of Royalty! You will never have to walk alone ever again.

Women of Sovereign Authority! United with one voice we will exhort, support and encourage and enhance every woman’s life’s commitment as we journey together walking with God.   

For it is not by Might, nor by Power but by my Spirit says the Lord.

All are welcomed.

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